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“Here’s how you too can get your business to show up on the first page of Google so you can get more phone calls, leads and new customers for as little as $3.25 per day“

What is 97dollarwebsite ?

It’s a done-for-you service that includes website, content,video, design, and SEO. So all you need to do is just sit back, and let us do that hard work for you.

Do You Ever Wonder How Great It Would Be If Your Business Showed Up On The First Page Of Google Whenever Your Ideal Prospects Search For Your Products/Service On The Internet?

As more consumers are using their PC and smartphone to purchase product/service online, digital marketing has become a huge opportunity to grow small businesses. That said, getting your business online and in front of people searching for you will give your business the sales predictability everyone wants.

In case you’re you might be thinking: I don’t need to be on Google, all my customers are offline then you should listen to this fact. There Are About 5 Billion Google Searches Every Single Day. (Source: Internetlivestats.Com)  Don’t you think some of these searches are searching for your product/service, and they may end up being your new customers?

And think of: What if at least 1000 of them are coming from your local area, and at least 20 of these 1000 people are searching for your product/service?

You’ll see this as the opportunity to get more leads! Otherwise, you’ll lose the opportunity to get more local leads AND new customers from the Internet.

That’s just too bad
And that’s not all. Here’s more…

In 2019, Google Started Putting A Serious Emphasis On Local Search. Google wants to deliver the most relevant results in the exact towns and cities that people live in.

For example, if you search Plumber in Miami, then they display results for plumbers in Miami. And here’s what’s really interesting, Even if you just search Plumber, or Plumber near me, Google knows your IP address and will display results for plumbers in your town.

That’s a huge opportunity for small businesses to compete against the Goliaths on the Internet. Your business will have a better chance to show up on the first page, and get more phone calls or leads in your area. That should be the good news IF you see this as an opportunity to grow your business starting today!

Most Small Businesses Struggle With Getting New Leads And Customers From The Internet Because They Don’t Know How To Do It The Right Way.


Question: Why are most small businesses still struggling in getting more leads and new customers from the Internet?

The answer is actually simple:

1. They don’t know how to create an effective website that converts website visitors into phone calls, new leads, and new customers.

2. They have no idea how to do local SEO in the right way that could make their website show up on the first page of Google whenever someone from their area is looking for their product/service.

This isn’t surprising. 

On a side note:

Many of you may already have a website. Is it converting web traffic into leads? If not, then why not add a 97dollarwebsite.com site and start making the internet finally work for you?

If you have a website that is producing why not add a 97dollarwebsite and pick some cities and towns that you’d like to find new customers in and use your new site to pull new business from those areas. The more fishing poles you have in the water, the more fish you catch!

I’ve been in this industry for a long time. I know how most business owners just getting started online, have to struggle for years. And many other businesses who have been around for a long time still find it difficult to acquire new customers and clients online. But now, you don’t worry about that. Just keep reading to learn how I can help you getting phone calls, local leads, and new customers for as little as $3.25 per day.

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Digital Marketing Is Hard And Expensive!

We’re Here To Change That!


My name is Rick Miller, founder of 97dollarwebsite.com. My mission is simple: To help as many small business owners as possible build a more successful, predictable and financially secure business with 97dollarwebsite.com. Over the past few years, I helped many small business owners like you to navigate and succeed in the very complex and confusing digital world. I was born and raised outside Boston and have lived all around the USA. Before I created 97dollarwebsite.com I worked in the website and digital marketing industry as an Web IT professional for 15 years. Acquiring a great deal of knowledge in the field of Web Design, Google Algorithms and Digital Marketing has allowed 97dollarwebsite.com to become a reality and grow quickly.


  • A Business Website that is designed to get your phone ringing with new leads.

  • Your business website will be the primary place where you introduce your business to potential consumers.

  • In many cases, this will be the first place that people learn more about your business.

  • This is where they find what sets you apart from your competitors, why they should choose your business, and how they can contact you. Your website is like your business storefront in the online world.

  • Effective Web Design That Is Designed Specifically To Get A High Conversion Rate of Website Visitors!

  • It takes more than just a beautiful and inspiring design to help you turn web visitors into leads or customers.

  • We understand that.

  • That’s why whenever we build a website for our clients, we design it to not only look professional and beautiful in the eyes of web visitors but also to help our clients get more phone calls, walk-ins and leads for their business.


Engage with your audience

Engage with your audience with an attractive design and layout that makes people feel interested to learn more about your business.

Educate your web visitors

Educate your web visitors about your business, and what you’re offering with informative content, attractive images, and videos.

Encourage your ideal prospects to choose your product or service.

Educate your web visitors about your business, and what you’re offering with informative content, attractive images, and videos.
How We Can Help You?
At 97dollarwebsite.com, we’ll build a professional and effective website that’s designed to turn your website visitors into phone calls, walk-ins, and leads for your business.

But we don’t stop there.

We’ll also help you create all the content for your website that is focused to get your website to rank higher on Google’s search pages whenever someone searches for your product/service in the city or town of your choice.


No need to spend more money to create content for your new website.

We’ll create it for you.

This will also include a professionally done marketing video that would normally cost you a lot of money. $300-$500 in most cases.

So just sit back and let us do the hard work for you.

Local SEO Service To Help You Get New Leads And Customers/Clients

Getting your business website up and running isn’t enough to get more leads and new customers online. You also need to generate traffic to your business website. This is where it’s mandatory to implement Local SEO.

 We do the Local SEO by optimizing your website content on keyword/search terms that are relevant to your business.

But that’s not all…

 We’ll also optimize your website and the content for the city or town of your choice.

This helps your site to get on the first page of Google whenever someone in your local area is looking for your business and service.


We are offering our service for a very small investment, which is less than $3.25 per day. Not only affordable, but we also promise you we can bring you better results than what you would normally expect from an affordable service like th
Everything we offer to you is designed to make your phone ring. Helping you getting new leads and more sales is our top priority.
There’s no long-term contract required. You can cancel the contract anytime you want. No question asked, no complicated form to fill, no problem at all.
We create your business website and the content to help you get more sales not just to ‘wow’ your prospective customers/clients.
Our customer service team will be ready to assist you anytime you need us.
Other companies tell you what they think you need. We do the opposite. We’ll be happy to hear any feedback you give to us and make sure you get everything you want and need.
After the initial set up, we’ll still make sure we keep you on the first page of Google and your phone ringing with new leads.
Let us help you get the financially security that you truly want from your business.


Here at 97dollarwebsite.com, we offer you a Done-For-You website building service that’s designed to help you get more leads from the Internet. We are not only building your website and doing the local SEO…but we also study the analytics we install on your website to determine which keywords, cities and towns are driving the most traffic and make sure to put an ongoing emphasis on what is working for you. How cool is that!

To get started with our service it will cost you:

– $97 Down

– $97 per month

Here’s how to calculate if this is a good risk for you.

You take the $97 you spend each month on your new 97dollarwebsite.com business website. Then sum up the average transaction size for your business, let’s say $500, or whatever number is applicable you spend $97 for our service, and you get 2 new customers/clients: $1,000


You spend $97 (or less than $3.25 per day) but you get 2 new customers/clients, which means you earn $1,000.

Sounds good, right?

What’s more, your money is actually irrelevant here because.

You’ll Also Get A No-Risk

Full Money Back Guarantee


On your $97 down, if you don’t like what we create for you we will make any change you request or start from scratch. and in case you still don’t like the website we build, just let me know. I personally guarantee that we will refund your $97. No questions asked, no problem at all.

97dollarwebsite.com is a very low-risk option for small businesses. As you can see by yourself, it actually comes with a high potential return. And again, you can cancel the contract anytime… PLUS, if you don’t like the website we build; we’ll refund your $97.

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(We use Paypal to process our payments. You do not have to have a Paypal account to check out. There is an option on the order page to check out with your own credit/debit card, thank you)

Remember, there’s a great opportunity to build a more profitable and predictable business with 97dollarwebsite.com So let’s work together and let us help you take your business to the next level!


Rick Miller

Founder of 97dollarwebsite.com

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